Wean Yourself off Coffee by Starting a Daily Juicing Habit

A lot of people who love coffee and have been heavy coffee drinkers reach a place with their personal health in which they have to give up their coffee habit, either in full or by dramatically cutting back. Coffee’s high-acidity content can be a problem for a lot of stomachs and digestive systems. It can exacerbate hemorrhoids. The caffeine content can be its own source of addiction and adverse health effects, not to mention the jitters eventually becoming counterproductive to work.

A daily juicing habit can be the ideal way to wean yourself off coffee. That’s because juice provides its own form of energy from nutrient-rich sugars. It can also be supplemented with caffeine, taurine, or other stimulants that can be measured in precise quantities. And if you’re trying to get away from the caffeine in coffee as much as the acidity and oils, juice can deliver nutrients and water that keep you hydrated and minimize the all-too-common headaches that come with caffeine withdrawal.


Long-Term Health with Juice

Cutting out or cutting down on a serious coffee habit qualifies as a major life change in our book. So we don’t mind giving yourself some extra license at first and find the most delicious and energy-packed juice you can. Long-term, however, you’ll likely want to seek out options that aren’t too high in their sugar or calorie content.

There are also ways to modify the ways you consume coffee to reduce its acidity. Stick to medium and darker roasts generally. Also, cold brewing the coffee is a great to minimize the acidity. One juice in the morning, one cold brew coffee in the afternoon, and you can greatly reduce the acidity of your overall diet and digestive tract…from one end to the other. It may also allow you to enjoy a daily cup of coffee without wrecking your long-term health.


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