Is Juice Going to Make a Comeback as a Popular Beverage Choice?

Especially to those of us in the health food and beverage industry, it feels like forever since juice was one of the trendy diet fads. Things are cyclical is the well-worn business adage, but there are reasons to believe this case is different. Given what we know—given what now seems to be common knowledge—the high-sugar content of most juice products seems to have indefinitely set the market from its previous. It’s not that people are going to stop drinking orange juice, green juice, and others altogether.

It’s just the days of easy, delicious, and guilt-free juicing really are dead for the most part. Put another way, if you haven’t already, it’s time to decide what type of juice fan you will be. Accept the fact that sweet, delicious-tasting juice is an indulgence, or focus on low-sugar health juices that may not pack the same taste? Admit that pulling a bottle of juice from the beverage cooler is a convenience that lacks the nutritional promise of freshly-pressed juice, pay a premium price for health brand juices, or invest in your own homemade juicer and personalized juicing recipes that can strike the perfect balance between nutrition, taste, and cost.


The Future of Juice and Health Beverage Culture

Maybe you’ve already determined the juicing approach that fits your personal preference, but what about your friends and family? What lies ahead for the juicing industry, and how likely is it that the juicing trend makes a comeback? The recent industry report from Market Watch offers some clues, “Demand for cold pressed juice made from mixed fruits and vegetables has been increasing significantly owing to growing concerns regarding various health issues as well as the health benefits associated with consuming these juices.”

In other words, the only part of the juice industry that’s been experiencing growth is the health-conscious method of using a cold-press (or hydraulic press) for pure 100% extraction of mixed fruits and vegetables, implying a high-nutrient, low-sugar juicing recipe and product. If you want to make fresh juice a regular part of your diet, this is the way to do it.


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