Can Juicing Slow (or even reverse) the Aging Process?

First off, let’s not get excited. No one is actually going to get younger by doing any particular exercise, meditation, or diet. However, there is a lot of evidence about slowing the aging process for various things, in specifics, diet and exercise. We aren’t here to retread the same old grounds. What we are here to try to accomplish is providing some context on what we know of what works to keep us as vibrant for as long as we can.

Lookit, if you are are models or familiar with what they do, it’s way more moisturizer and creams than the standard adult. In addition, they are more refined and expensive. So if you want your skin to last longer, pay attention to those who really really care about looking young for as long as possible. Also, stay out of the sun.

Similarly, if you pay attention to athletes and former athletes, and see how they train and continue to train post-career, you are going to see how the best in the world remain in good shape. There’s going to be a lot of yoga and flexibility stuff, just like the creams for models.

So if we look at these two blunt instruments above, face and body, we can pick up patterns and replicate what the pros are doing. We certainly need to be careful that we don’t get duped by scams and other celebrity endorsements. Instead, use what they use. Don’t use what they promote. That may be hard, but it is attainable. The importance of the face and body point is that this is where we mainly see age presenting itself. There are certainly other places, such as the mind and general dexterity.

Where I’m getting to is that there is a healthy amount of overlap between these face and body folks, and while I could writer forever on each of them, obviously here I’m going to talk about juicing. Juicing is very common and promoted within both industries as a way to stay healthy longer and stay younger longer. You can find lots of content that says the same, such as this from Emerald Retirement Residence and this from The Fit Indian.

Juicing helps deliver a lot of nutrients that are often difficult to eat or digest in other ways. They keep you full during a meal that could normally be processed foods or meats or the like. You’re essentially mixing up the earth in a vibrant beverage. While our global health knowledge has extended our life spans by more than 20 years over the last 100, that was mainly from not dying for specific diseases. It hasn’t necessarily added life to our years, just years to our lives. In order to be younger longer and be able to do the things that younger people do for longer and look younger longer, we need to do the things that keep our bodies in good shape. Juicing is not the only thing, but it is one of the things we need to employ.

Lastly, here are some shout outs to other good aging resources as well as people and companies who helped us come up with the substance for this blog:


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